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SHJ DIY Wooden Bird Feeders Kits Feature And Application


SHJ DIY Bird wooden Feeder kits boards are made of high-quality thick plywood, non-toxic and eco-friendly for safety use, very suitable for training children's hand-on ability.  Pre-cut and slotted, bring you a good assembled experience.  We will customize and design different shapes of feeder kits according to the customers’ requirements.

This bird feeder can attract birds come to your house, eating the bird seed out of the feeder and you can observe the birds more closely.  Design your own bird feeder craft, fill your yard with many bird guests.

SHJ DIY Wooden Bird Feeders Kits Feature And Application

1. We have industry-leading technology and rich production experience.  Can accept any design of DIY Wooden bird feeder kits.

2. Special orders are acceptable for us including customized color, material, size, logo, packing and others.

3. Children can use their imagination to paint freely on the bird Feeders, while enjoying happiness and improving creativity.

4. Add glitter and festive paint to incorporate into your holiday decoration.  The DIY bird Feeders make a welcoming addition to a fairy garden.

5. When the BIRD FEED themselves in the BIRD FEEDER and sings.  People find it very relaxing and reassuring because over thousands of years humans have learnt, when the birds sing, they are safe.  It is when birds stop singing that people get worried.  Birds singing is also nature's alarm clock.  Singing their chorus at the rise of dawn signal’s the start of the day, and thus stimulates us cognitively.