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DIY plaster dolls bring us closer to children's hearts~


Accompanying is the best education, and interacting with children is the most effective way to enter their hearts. We all yearn for those intimate moments, where children melt our hearts and make all nurturing worthwhile.

Gypsum doll painting is half scientific and half artistic. Through the process of color mixing, color matching, and shaping, children can enjoy the ever-changing colors and cultivate their color perception ability. They can enjoy the thrill of waving their brushes, enhance their hands-on abilities, and even create unique gypsum painting works to expand their activity space, Enhance emotional communication between parents and children. Innocent smiles bloom children's initial dreams, childhood is still beautiful, and nothing is more meaningful and interesting than what one does.

The benefits of DIY gypsum dolls:

DIY is an important way for children's mood and thinking, which can increase the coordination and cooperation of hands, eyes, and brain, promote observation, thinking ability, and imagination.

1. Cultivate aesthetic values: Let children choose their favorite dolls

2. Develop imagination: Allow children to imagine and color their chosen dolls

3. Training observation skills: Children decide what to paint their dolls by observing the people and things around them

4. Exercise hand, eye, and brain coordination skills: Graffiti can effectively exercise children's abilities and develop their potential

5. Encourage self-expression: Children's world is different from adults, and children can express their inner world through graffiti

6.The most important point is that parent-child graffiti can enhance the relationship between children and their parents. In this busy society, graffiti with children can bring back the feeling of childhood, which is also a beautiful thing