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How to make cyanotype craft?


Cyanotype Craft, is a vintage photo printing method. By having control over photosensitive materials, it can be used to make distinctive art pieces.

The production process has these steps:

Firstly, Mix the cyanotype AB liquid in a 1:1 ratio.

Apply this cyanotype lid evenly on your chosen paper or fabric. Allow it to air dry in a dimly lit room.

Next, place the desired object -it can be a physical object, a negative, or even a hand-drawn design- on the surface with cyanotype solution and expose it to direct sunlight. Different objects will block varying amounts of light, generating unique pattern.

The final step involves washing the exposed paper or fabric in water and letting it air dry. Your Cyanotype Craft is now complete.

Even though Cyanotype Craft is simple to make, it is important to care for safety, especially be careful with light bulbs that potentially generate UV light, and manage the duration of exposure to sunlight to control shadows and lines.

On the whole, Cyanotype Craft is a creative and fun form of art that offers both adults and children an experience with photographic artistry and self-expression.

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