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Biodegradable Glitter VS Traditional Glitter


Manufacturing Materials: Ordinary glitter is mainly made from plastic, containing polyester and especially micro plastics, which puts a substantial burden on the environment; while biodegradable glitter is primarily made from plant-based plastics and natural minerals like Cellulose, making it more environmentally friendly.

Environmental Impact: Ordinary glitter is hard to decompose in a natural environment due to its micro plastic composition, easily leading to environmental problems such as water pollution and ecosystem destruction. In contrast, biodegradable glitter can degrade in the natural environment, significantly reducing its environmental impact.

Aesthetic Effects: In terms of visual effects, both can produce bright colors and a high degree of sparkle. However, it's worth noting that the colors of some biodegradable glitter might not be as stable as ordinary glitter because their colors might be produced by biological dyes.

Cost: The production cost of ordinary glitter is relatively low, but the production cost of biodegradable glitter might be slightly higher due to using more environmentally friendly materials and production processes.

In summary, both ordinary glitter and biodegradable glitter have their advantages and disadvantages, but considering the current global emphasis on environmental protection (especially the micro plastics ban issued by the EU), biodegradable glitter is undoubtedly the trend of the future.

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