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How to make macrame Christmas Tree for Wall decor?



Macrame cord, traditionally green, but you can choose other colors according to your preferences.

A long wooden stick to act as the support and a tool to hang the cords.

Several shorter wooden sticks of varying lengths to work as the "branches" of the tree.


Beads or ornaments, such as colorful beads or small bells for enhanced appeal (optional).

Let’s start to make the macrame Christmas tree:

1.Cut the macrame cord into the lengths you need according to the size of the tree you want. Ensure each segment is slightly longer to make room for knots.

2.Gather a long wooden stick (for the tree trunk), several shorter sticks (for the branches) in descending sizes. Of cause, you can use wooden beads or other accessories to instead of the shorter sticks.

3.Knotting the Cord: Fold each macrame cord piece in half, place under the wooden "branch", pull the ends over the branch and through the loop created. This is known as a Lark's head knot. Repeat this process until all the branches are covered in macrame cord knots, and it starts resembling a Christmas tree.

4.Finishing Touches: Trim any excess macrame cord to maintain the tree shape and add any additional decorations like baubles, stars, or light strings.

Macrame Christmas tree a simple and fun DIY project. By hanging this macrame Christmas tree, your home will radiate a warm festive atmosphere.

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